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Natural hazards in Goma and the surrounding villages, East African Rift System

The city of Goma and its surrounding villages (Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC) are among the world’s most densely populated regions strongly affected by volcanic hazards. In 2002, Nyiragongo volcano erupted destroying 10–15% of Goma and forced a mass evacuation of the population. Hence, the * 1.5 million inhabitants of Goma and Gisenyi (Rwanda) continue to live with the threat of new lava flows and other eruptive hazards from this volcano […]

Influence of moisture source dynamics and weather patterns on stable isotopes ratios of precipitation in Central-Eastern Africa

Wereport the first δ18Oandδ2H data of Virunga rainfall in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, situated on the limit between Central and Eastern Africa. The dataset is from 13 rain gauges deployed at Mount Nyiragongo and its surroundings sampled monthly between December 2013 and October 2015. The δ18O and δ2H vary from −6.44 to 6.16‰, and −32.53 to 58.89‰ respectively, and allowed us to define a LMWL of δ2H= 7.60δ18O+16.18 […]